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Sep 11, 2010

T & T

Many thanks to everyone who voted for my Grocery Diva tote at Bertina studio.  I really appreciate your support.  There's still time to vote for "ME" if you haven't already.  Just click on the link, scan down to my Diva photo area and vote.

The FuFu is still working wonders on the designs so far.  Isn't this Bumblebee the cutest little critter.......it's okay because.....he isn't real so I don't have to dodge or find my can of but killer......LOL

Look at the newest threads I just added to my collection.  These are from Red Rock Threads in Nevada.  I ordered Gutermann Natural Cotton threads and Superior Living Color threads. Also King Tut Quilting threads and a few Robison Anton sewing threads.......oh dear...until I started listing them just now, I didn't realize just how many I got.  Well, a girl's got to keep abreast of the thread market.....right.....;-}


JustCindy said...

Do a review on all those threads. I'm in the market for more thread. Your bee is adorable. Good luck!

Gene Black said...

I voted!

quiltingnana said...

you got my vote

Crazy Amy said...

love the bee. just the way a bee should be - flat :)

Marie said...

hey Girl, Love the thread and we never have too many!! Need every color for the Emb. machine for all the patterns we find.Trying to catch up on reading blogs this morning. By the way Brenda is on facebook now have you seen her. I will try to find it agin and put it through to you. we nee d to do our postcards again, was just looking at them yesterday and they are so neat. Have a great dy. Many hugs, Marie


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