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Sep 7, 2010

Look Into the Light

I was moving things around in my sewing room.......again.......yesterday.....you know re-organizing......anyway, I started pulling like thing together and noticed all the different light sources I've collected over the years.  Some I didn't even bother to photograph and threw in the trash....but these five are special because I've used them in some form or the other when sewing a project.......with varied success.
My favorite is the flexible one second from the left.  It affixes to my machine and gives off light where I need it most.
I've found that the lights that are built into our machines just don't cut it, so I'm always on the lookout for better lighting.  I do prefer lights that can be attached to my machine or on the wall or floor near my machine ....that way it doesn't take up any space around my sewing area.
What about you?  What's your lighting preference?


Barb said...

I have a flexible one that bends around anyway on my machine...love it. Wish I could remember the name of it but I purchased it at "I Have A Notion"

JustCindy said...

I don't have a favorite light but I sure need one. I look at the lights all the time but I don't purchase one because I'm afraid it won't stack up. I will be watching this post.

Pat said...

I should probably look into one of those "bendy" lights, too. The lighting in my sewing room, in general, is poor and we all know that the lighting on the machines isn't so great most of the time, either.

quiltingnana said...

I have been looking at those ones that fit on the machine...glad to hear from someone who actually uses one. I have a table model Ott light on my cutting table and a floor model next to where I do a lot of hand quilting. I turn it to shine on my machine.


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