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Aug 2, 2010

Meanwhile - At age 55

So, I'm working on one of my swap projects hosted by a wonderful lady, Val......who comes up with the neatest themes, of which this one is "Alice in Wonderland."  The swap is now closed and we are all in construction and creative mode.  Val gives us plenty of time to create, construct and mail off our creations.  If you're familiar with "Alice," you know that the Queen of Hearts, the Mad Hatter and tea drinking are a big part of the storyline.  I've chosen a few embroidery designs and stitched them out this morning.  I'm telling you that it never ceases to amaze me that you can get on the Internet, browse the net, purchase whatever, download it to your computer and upload it to your machine in a matter of minutes depending on your proficiency with both computer and machine.  Anyway, that' just one project I'm into. The next is the "Stay at Home Round Robin" hosted by Kate.  This one is great because we are not under too much pressure to get things done.  So far I've done my 6 1/2" unfinished center (seen here) and now it's onto the next area, 4 X 6 inch pieced something which will be added to the left side of the center block.  Easy, hopefully.......LOL....I think you can still get in on this project just by popping over to Kate's blog to sign up and get the instructions.

Many thanks to all who helped me celebrate my birthday and left warm comments.  I had a wonderful day with family and friends and tried to stay inside as the temp was near 100 degrees.  I don't say it enough but I have enjoy thoroughly all my blogging friends, without your support, encouragement, advice and help, I would not have grown and developed in my sewing life or life in general.  I fine it refreshing to be able to post about something, whether it be personal or work oriented and within minutes to a day someone gives their prayers or aid.  You all are truly the best anyone could have the privilege to know.
I hope that wasn't too sappy but it is from my heart.

1 comment:

Pat said...

I'm glad your b'day was a good one and no...that wasn't too sappy. I think many of us bloggers feel the exact same way.


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