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Aug 17, 2010

Gone Fishin'

I really want to thank everyone who left great comments on this project, Sawing Logs.
I did go ahead and make 16 more log blocks because I had another idea in mind by that time.

I decided to add a 6 1/2" cream toned border because I knew I wanted to add a fishing reel but really had no clue of what to do after that. So I slept on that idea......dreams of piers, catfish, turtles, snakes......this turned into a nightmare.........time to wake up!!!!!  By morning I figures I needed the fishing line.

I wanted the line to unravel around the border....this is the way I remember my brother and I going fishing, getting the lines tangled, laughing as we tried, unsuccessfully to untangle them, cutting the lines only to restring them.

By the time I got to the bottom corner of the border, I knew I needed a hook and just happened to think of hooking the "Gone Fishin' " on said hook.  If you remember this all started from the center block that was sitting in my UFO box.  Don't be afraid to experiment with different methods or techniques.  You'd be surprised what could happen.
 The final measurement is 58" by 58" and I'm so happy with the outcome.


JustCindy said...

I love it! You have the best ideas.

joanne lendaro said...

I like the quilt, but LOVE the story that goes with it! What great memories you have! Is this one for your brother??

Molly Mandeville Fryer said...

Great Quilt, R. Your getting better andbetter. Lovethe Rod and Reel, line and hook on the words as they are being pulled across the bottom of the quilt. You did great!

Kathy said...

Love it!!! You are sew creative. Great Job!!!!

The Quilting Pirate said...

JUST AWSOME!! Can I pay you to make my husband one?? LOL You are very talented with your applique...I just love all the things you turn out!

quiltingnana said...

what a clever idea

Gari said...

Excellent. My BIL would love a quilt like this. And maybe I will look at a couple of panels I have lying around. Excellent.

Teaquilts said...

Just perfect!


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