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Jul 9, 2010

Mini Quilt

Before you weigh in, I know, I know......the eagle is too big and I promise to make him smaller another day....LOL.......sigh..........but what do you think about the overall scene????
I've gotten great feedback from my FaceBook buddies; Gene, Cindy, Needled Mom and others, so now, I need more help.  Picture the eagle smaller with a trout in its claw.....do I need something different for the eagle?  Also, notice the foreground tree (that was my clue, Gene, that the eagle was too big....LOL) does the tree need more, less, something else????  I've also placed sawed tree parts around the lake and I extended the water to flow off the scene......any improvements there????  In other words.........


shannon said...

i think it looks fine just the way it is....when i was in college (for art) i had a teacher who had a nice little saying: 'creative license'.

i like the composition as well as the spacial relationship of the components of the block.

the thought "hey that eagle is too big" was not my first thought, my first thought was "wow, what a beautiful block!'

...just saying :) i wouldn't change a thing

JustCindy said...

I like the eagle's size. Could you make the tree fatter?

Pat said...

Don't ask us to critique it when you are so far along........just be happy with it the way it is!!!

paula, the quilter said...

Less is more. Remove the foreground tree and the logs. Then the eagle will be the focal point and can stay the size he is, just remember that the trout needs to be a size that will go with the eagle and not the faraway background. Just my 2cents.


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