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Jun 3, 2010

Just In Time for the 4th - Part 3

With this next eagle, notice that I have traced the parts that I will be using on a large sheet of freezer paper.  This makes it easy to turn onto the back side when using the light box.
Also, note that I have added something.  It is perfectly fine to change or alter your design.  Here, I've added the other leg and talons to the eagle. By using a lighter shade of yellow, you get a sense of depth to the piece.
I am using some of the same fabrics that I used when making the first eagle but I am also, adding a couple of fabrics as well.  This lends individuality and continuity.
I am showing a couple of different positions and shapes of the eagle just so that you can see where to place the fabrics to give the best showing and depths (foreground and background).  You may want to make only one eagle for this project.  Don't get overwhelmed.
So, have fun. Play around with the colors your have chosen and don't be afraid to change or add things to suit your needs.
My fascination with eagles, bald eagles in particular, comes from my early science experiences categorizing the animal kingdom (mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, etc.).  Later, when I became a science/art teacher, my students developed an interest.  These tutorials of the eagle can be applied to any animal.
G'G' was kind enough to send me a link to a live-cam of a bald eagle's nest.  Follow this LINK to Channel Islands live webcam to get a better look at the wonder of the bald eagle.

In the next segment, we'll talk about auditioning background fabrics, placement and methods of stitching.  
Remember, this wall hanging will be finished and ready to hang by the 4th of July even if you can only work on your piece 30 minutes at a time.


Pat said...

ha....by WHICH 4th of July will I finish an eagle? Not THIS one!!!! (Still haven't had time to start, but hoping soon.)

Barb said...

wow...that eagle is awesome!! You give out wonderful information.

Fiesta said...

wow Rhonda, the eagle is spectacular. I updated my blog with crazy quilting information.

prashant said...

.that eagle is awesome!
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