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Jun 21, 2010


Remember Armed and Ready......read about that one.
And then there was Armed to the Teeth....remember that one?

Well, here's an update and a very positive one.......

Warning, warning.........if you have small children in the room, please ask them to leave.
The photo that you are about to see maybe disturbing and an animal was definitely injured and dispatched in the making of this post.

With that disclaimer stated and out of the way..........I give you the view of the kill!
This is the copperhead that has plagued my dreams from a couple of months now.  This morning I was up early and working in my yard near the house.....raking deaf leaves in prep to mow the back forty when I spied the culprit.....mind you, this time I was ready.....not with my trusty shotgun but a shovel.  He saw and heard me first but I was being very careful because of the confined space I was raking in.  He opened his mouth, flicked out his forked tongue to get a feel for who and what he was dealing with (Olfactory organ in his mouth tastes and smells the air & surroundings).......I eyed him to size up my opponent.........we squared off.........he drew back to strike but this old girl took a dim view of said maneuver and struck swiftly and repeatedly......there was no room for error and I didn't flinch.
Sweat coated my brow, a red-tail hawk keened in the distance, hummingbirds fluttered nearby but nothing would distract me from my mission. It was me or him...

My reward, I've decided, is to go for drinks with my girlfriends this evening.......LOL


Needled Mom said...

I am so glad that you manage to finally find the critter and dispose of it. I would not feel safe in my yard with that thing roaming about. I am always very careful when moving about around bushes as I know they love to hide there.

I am sure those drinks were a welcome reward.

G'G'ma said...

Yup, you deserve a drink with your friends! I thought about your snake the other day and wondered if it was still around. I just knew "Rapid Rhonda" would win that battle whenever it occured.

Sweet P said...

Hooray! You killed the snake. You're braver than me. Enjoy your drinks with the girls.

mjnauert said...

I guess we could say the the punk didn't feel too lucky!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness...have a few drinks for me. What a close call. Glad it worked out for ya. I bet if Eve could do it again, she'd do the same...hehehe.


Pat said...

Oh, my goodness...I am SO glad you won that battle. I'd have been too scared to do it and would have run the other way (and then continue to have nightmares about that snake). GOOD FOR YOU!!! I like your spunk!!!

joanne lendaro said...

You are killing me girl!! Can't believe you and that snake!! Geez!! Good thing your momma raised you good, coz' most wouldn't be able to handle that there snake! Wowzza!! I'm thinking I wouldn't have waited to have that drink!! lol!! love ya!!

Anonymous said...

I read and showed this to my "sick" hubby. He wants to know how it tasted!!! He can be so gross;-)


Claudia said...

Wow ! you are a brave girl. Up here in North Dakota we don't have those critters (phew)... I would not dare go outside !!.. Have a cool one!

paula, the quilter said...

I am soooo proud of you! Around here I just square off with wascally wabbits.

Barb said...

I wonder if his last thoughts were "I didn't see that coming?"


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