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May 25, 2010


So, I was cleaning out and straightening some boxes in my sewing studio when I ran across one filled with patterns that, at the time I purchased them, I had great intentions of making.  You know how that goes. They get misplaced or pushed to the back or stuffed in a box.  I have loads of them......LOL....Anyway, I've decided that it will never happen that I'm going to make any or these.....so they're up for grabs.  Just leave a comment stating your interest and on June 1st, I'll draw a name or do the random thingy and someone will be the proud owner of these great items.


Needled Mom said...

I know what you mean. I would love to have the patterns as I have summer coming up with sewing with the granddaughters. They would love to work on some of them.

Pat said...

I doubt I'll do anymore garment making. But the pattern in the front row on the right looks intriguing from what I can see of it. Is it a quilt that is appliqued with things that would be of interest to a child....as it's called "Child's Play"???

Melissa said...

Oh I would be honored to adopt them. Just don't tell them that I recently had a giveaway of the ones I had that I'd never use, either!!

Fiesta said...

Rhonda, childs play looks intersting to me.

Teaquilts said...

OK Rhonda, I'll bite. I've seen a lady in our guild where a chenille jacket. I'd like to try the cotton one with the pillow (with short sleeves).

Tissy said...


Thanks for stopping by my blog to visit. I truly appreciate it!!!

CC said...

If it's not too late to ask about the patterns..the first one, the applique Spring Time is so cute. I would love to have that one... CC


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