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May 12, 2010

Friend or Foe

So, I was in my sewing studio minding my own business.....I had 2 machines working......embroidering on the Janome and sewing away on my Pfaff, the radio was tuned in to a 70s station, my new Shark iron hot and ready........everything was perfect........I should have know it was too good to be true!
All of a sudden, the little critter you are viewing swooped down from somewhere and landed on my neck.....at this point, I think I need to mention that I am not partial to things that fly, flutter, buzz, flitter, creep, slither, gallop, lope, etc., etc., etc.
So, I took a very dim view of the little fluttering critter landing on me......I won't bore you with what actually transpired between me and him but I will tell you that no real harm was done to the little guy......not that I didn't try......he was just deceptively quick!
In the end, I managed to get to the back door, flung it open only to trip my way outside.....at which time said critter managed to escape me!
As I was leaving the house to meet up with my girlfriends, the little guy was back, just sitting there on the cement, taunting me....what to do, what to do.......I ran back inside got my camera and snapped this photo. As if he was waiting for me to take a picture of him.....I kid you not.  Then he just flew off.  I really hope that we never cross paths again...but if we do.....I'll be loaded for bear!


The Calico Cat said...

All things considered, that encounter could have been a lot worse.

Pat said...

I'd have been okay with THAT critter, but not with something that slithers!!!

Patty said...

At least you didn't smush him :^)

joanne lendaro said...

You are the only person I know who goes from snakes to butterflies!! How funny is that?! Better watch out all of the creatures may want to be featured on your blog! lol!!


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