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May 14, 2010

Beltbuckle Part2

This design is brought to you by Gene.  Make sure you pop over and pay him a visit.  Gene is a very talented guy who enjoys quilting, music, art, just to name a few.
Gene was gracious enough to allow me to make one of his designs.

It is fairly easy to chain sew your rows. I use a scrap of fabric as a beginning which you can see in the above picure.  I also, use a second scrap of fabric which is always under my needle. This way you never or nearly never have to lift your presser foot.
Clip away the scrap of fabric placing it near your machine to be used again and again.  Now my row is in 3 sections and easy to pick up and sew together.

Notice that scrap of fabric at the beginning of the row and note that the row is getting smaller as the pieces are sewn.

Here you can see how much the row shrank.
Stay tuned for more.


Barb said...

You are coming along nicely on that...

Gene Black said...

Rhonda, I also use the scrap for starting and stopping my chain piecing. I find it even easier than using my built in thread cutter.

I was surprised to see those scissors. I have two pair of small titanium scissors like that. Are those the ones with the curved tip? That is my favorite as it makes it easy to clip the threads behind the presser foot.

The quilt is looking so good! Thank you for the shout out too.

Marie said...

Nice idea!! Will catch up later!! HUgs, Marie

Mohammad Salauddin said...

Such a wonderful work. thanks for sharing.
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