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Apr 14, 2010

Bunny Applique' Tutorial

Choosing a design is half the fun....I have chosen a bunny design is honor of a very dear girlfriend who is no longer with us but in spirit, she lives on.

Using freezer paper, trace the various parts of our design, seperately, cut around design and iron onto back of fabric. Make sure to leave at least a half inch from raw edge of design.
On the ear of this design piece you can see that I have cut away all but 1/4 to 1/8 inch of fabric then scored on the pencil line using a straight pin. Next I tear the excess freezer paper away.
Next, clip around the edge of each applique' piece......I usually clip about 1/8inch apart.

Using an art paint brush and starch, coat the edges of your applique' piece.....using your fingers can get messy and sticky.......you could use a piece of sponge.

Iron around the piece. The starch will make the edges stiff. The iron is very hot so I use a wooden skewer to save my fingers.

Score the middle of the freezer paper to remove it.
I am planning to machine applique' around this bunny and his little friend, in a couple of day.  Will show progress as it happens!!!


JustCindy said...

What a cute bunny pattern!

Barb said...

Love the pattern...

Fiesta said...


Pat said...

Very cute and I always love your tutorials...once a teacher, ALWAYS a teacher, I think!!!

Kathy said...

Awwwwwww....'THAT RABBIT'!!! Such memories of our Jerri!

Great tutorial except for all the laughing I did reading it and you know 'why' I was laughing! LOL

moramargaritaster said...

Great tutorial and cute bunny pattern!!.

*karendianne. said...

Cute and Rhonda, this is very cool of you to share. Most place I visit don't show this sort of thing. Thanks, thank you and super duper appreciation! It's always so nice to visit you friend. Always so nice.

Molly Mandeville Fryer said...

Ok R, now tell me----what kind of rabbit is this? I think you told me once before--Oh --NOW I REMEMBER----Jerri named this rabbit, didn't she? What is it's name again--Fergi Rabbit? or was it Felina Rabbit? Maybe Fusha Rabbit? OH--now I REMEMBER --it's
nevermind--not an x rated blog!


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