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Mar 11, 2010

Let's Hear It for the Band Part 3

More blocks for the band quilt.........I'm trying not to get carried away at this point but it's so much fun.

Again, here's what I have so far.........I'm thinking this needs to be about 64" by 84ish".....something a college student might use on his/her bed..........what are your thoughts?????...........Hopefully I can get more blocks done by Friday night then post on Saturday sometime to start the placement.........if I voice it.....maybe it will happen.......LOL!


Pat said...

I think you are right that you need to make the quilt that size. I am also glad you have introduced some color into the quilt. I missed your blog post the prior to this one and when I first saw the band uniform and the school letters, I was worried that was going to be the only color and it would jump out too much....but now that you have the color in the two instruments, I am feeling better about that and think you can distribute color throughout the quilt in a pleasing manner. What other things are you going to depict in the remaining blocks??

Barb said...

I just love what you are doing!!

Pokey said...

It's really taking form!

The Calico Cat said...

I was wondering if the French Horn was going to make an appearance.

jilly said...

Love the quilt...and get carried away with it. I believe God would love for us to do that more often. Share that gift big time;-)


JustCindy said...

I think you should get carried away also. I can't wait to see more.

prashant said...

really taking form!
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