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Feb 20, 2010

Freedom Border #2

So, I was thinking................about my "Freedom" mini-quilt (Link here) .....I needed to do something else or should I say........more......to it. 
This is what I've come up with so far.......what do you think?


Pat said...

GREAT-looking border and I recognize you did the fractured diamond tecnique. How the heck did you get them to FIT around the other border so precisely????? I'm sure I'd have trouble with that.

Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

I love that fractured diamond. I would so love to try that on a quilt. As soon as I finish up a couple more PIGS(Projects in Grocery Sacks) I will! Love it...so glad I found your blog. Hoping when DH finishes doctorate, we will be coming back to Texas. Its my happy place!

Pokey said...

It is very striking as a border!

Gene Black said...

I think that is a great border. My take: if you want it to be bigger add only more of the dark (looks black on my monitor)or the dark gray as another border and bind with the other one that you didn't use as more border. (I hope that makes sense -it is too early!)

joanne lendaro said...

Very Cool!! Love it!!

JustCindy said...

OH OH ! I love the border.

Fiesta said...

It looks great with the dractured border

Irma's Rose Cottage said...

What a lovely quilt. The border is just gorgeous. I don't think I could ever make such lovely quilts as yours.

Thanks for stopping by.

Irma :)

Vicki said...

I like it. Kind of a star effect, but subtle. (did I spell that right?) Anyway, wondering if you were thinking of any embellishing after the border was on? Something a little silvery maybe?

paula, the quilter said...

It almost looks like eagle tracks, doesn't it? Love it.

Shar said...

AMAZING! This quilt is wonderful the border is awesome. I'm gonna use this fractured diamond border for sure.. I love, love this quilt!


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