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Feb 23, 2010

Compass Time

Shar at Quilter's Nest is working on a Mariner's Compass. Of course hers look fabulas. She provided a link to get the design so I popped over, ran off the pages and then.....the hard part began.........selecting fabrics from my stash.......why is this hard you ask????........you know the answer to that.......because we never think that we have just the right color, that's why............but I was bound and determined to use only fabric from my stash..........and here's what I've chosen and how far I've gotten today while watching the snow wall.  I'm using a tone-on-tone batik......love it......some brown tones and I threw in red which my friend, Molly, says always jazzes up a quilt. 

BTW, this method is paper piecing, thus the great accuracy on my part......LOL!

Of course, tomorrow I'll need to cut and sew that strange shape thingy to each wedge......then it's onto the first border.  This is my first experiment for the Mariner's Compass....maybe next time I'll work with colors that are more nautical.
Make sure you check out the Mariner's link provided above.


Fiesta said...

I think your color selection is perfecto.

Pat said...

You are TOOOOOO much! I cannot believe the things you churn out and so quickly, too. You have a LOT of talent.

Shar said...

Ooh Rhonda it is GORGEOUS! I love your fabric choices. I still need to put the 2nd border on mine..LOL

joanne lendaro said...

Way, way, cool as ususal!! Congrats on using your stash!

Kathy said...

WOW! That is stunning. I'm going to check out the link!

Needled Mom said...

That will be absolutely gorgeous!


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