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Feb 12, 2010

Ayden In The Box

I know the picture is fuzzy....but her mom couldn't get any closer without Ayden moving away....she's squatting in her birthday cake box.  It's her favorite place to be these days.
She may be practicing for "time out".......LOL
So far Angie hasn't found her old camera, pocketbook, a large spoon, one of daddy's work shoes 
and who know what else is missing.
Ah, the woos of motherhood!


Gina said...

Such a cutie

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Pat said...

Well...I think Ayden must have an even bigger box stashed away somewhere in which she keeps all her "borrowed" treasures....and her mom just needs to find that box now! LOL She is really cute in that cake box, though.

Kathy said...

What an adorable picture. She is getting so big! Go-Go are you sure YOU don't have all those things?????? LOL

Gene Black said...

maybe mommy needs to get a "pretty" with a tracking device in it. Then when Ayden hides it Mommy can find her stash!

Lisa said...

She's so cute!! Too funny.

joanne lendaro said...

that is sooooo cute!! I'd take the box, and don't forget to include the contents! LOVE THE PIC!!!!


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