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Jan 26, 2010

Back on Track with my Efforts

My Hearts tablerunner is finished. You'll remember in a previous post (link HERE), I had started a tablerunner from one of my favorite quilt magazines.  Today, though I had many interruptions, I got the flower hearts with leaves in place and did a 3 1/2" border.......bringing the measurement to 20 1/2" X 42"..........perfect for a table.  Mom already has her eye on this one.........sshhhhhhhhhh......I'll give this to her for Mother's Day.


Kathy said...

Rhonda!!! This is beautiful!!! Bring it (and the pattern -- hehehehe) to DC

Fabric Mom said...

Wow that is beautiful. I love it.

Fiesta said...

Rhonda, what do you mean mothers day, give this to her now! It is gorgeous! could you remind us what magazine this was in?

Shar said...

WOW! This is stunning!! Rhonda, your mother will be so happy with this runner it's beautiful.

Needled Mom said...

Can I be your mom??? I love this.

Pat said...

Now, c'mon....give me a break...you are turning into an over-achiever here lately!!! :)

Quilter Kathy said...

Oh it's beautiful Rhonda...what a special gift!

Barb said...

Love the table runner!!

joanne lendaro said...

RHONDA!!!!!! I'm yelling!! That is sooooooo cute!! Lady, you did it again!! LOVE IT!! (I am a loud person, especially when I'm happy or excited. Can't controll it, drives hubbie crazy!) :/

moramargaritaster said...

Love it.Your mother will be very happy with it.t`s stunning!

Gina said...


Love and hugs Gina xxx


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