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Nov 26, 2009

Squash Dressing with a Dash of Family

It all started with the Squash Dressing recipe: 5 medium sized yellow squash cubed 2 large onions finely chopped 1/2 celery (optional) 4 cups chicken broth 1 stick butter or margarine Simmer the above ingredients in large sauce pan for 40 minutes or until squash/onions are tender. Pre-heat oven @ 350* In large bowl combine: Cornbread crumbled (pre-cooked in 9X13 pan) Simmered ingredients 3 eggs slightly beaten Poultry seasoning - 4 to 6 teaspoons or to taste Accent seasoning 2 slices of cubed bread Mix well. Pour into large baking pan and bake for an hour. The squash keeps the mixture moist.

After the turkey and dressing came out of the oven and all the fixing were done and on the table...........everyone came a-running.  Ayden & Sarah were wonderful and very entertaining.  I had a great Before Thanksgiving dinner last night with the boys and their families.  Today, it's on the Mom's house for more eating.......LOL.....did I mention Pumpkin pie!


Melli said...

Is that what you go by? Go Go? That is soooooooooo cute! Boy... I'm just a boring ol' Nana... Go Go is sooooooooooo much better! And Sarah is a doll! And Ayden too!

joanne lendaro said...

Cute, cute babies!!!


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