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Nov 23, 2009

Ayden @ One!

Here's little Sarah...GoGo's second Gran!!! Sarah is 7months old. What a cutie pie! In no certain order here's some of what went on Ayden's First Birthday Party. Her theme was "The Very Hungry Caterpillar." Her daddy made the Butterfly cake (yes, I said daddy......the boy can bake, let me tell you) and mommy made all the caterpillars on the tables and Ayden's butterfly wings (Angie said that it took her a couple of months to do all that). In one of the videos Ayden is walking with her arms in the air. At first I thought she was wanting to be picked up.......but no, she was flying......just like the butterfly at the end of the story...........cute.......hehehehehehehe


The Calico Cat said...

What is on that cake. My first (& obviously incorrect) thought - pickle relish!

BTW We got Jacob a hat & bib, both have a caterpillar!

Marie said...

Thank you for sharing this very special day for both you and the girls. Oh what a cake and all the decorations are so great. Love that quilt so much.Your the best grandma and it is the best job in the world.Hugs, Marie

Pat said...

What great photos! CUTE theme and the cake and decorations and "props" were really nicely done! Thanks for sharing.

Melli said...

That was QUITE a party for a one year old! LOL! I guess at that age it's really more for the parents and the gp's. huh? Tooooooo cute!

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