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Oct 22, 2009

A Family

I can't believe that GoGo's grandbaby - Ayden is a month away from her first birthday....wow! It seems like it was just yesterday that she was born..............hummmmmmm.....what to get her for her "first?" I'll have to do some research......something educational yet fun.......LOL........please, help me! Any suggestions from all my blogger friends!


Pat said...

Now just go to the Fisher Price section of any toy store and find something she doesn't yet have. All their stuff is great...and Playskool has some terrific things, too!

paula, the quilter said...

Wow, has it been a year? Can't help you on suggestions. I'm not a grandma and my 'kid' is 33.

Kathy said...

How about a keepsake quilt with pictures of her first year of life?

bingo~bonnie said...

I'm not sure how much time you have to prepare - but an "I-Spy" quilt would be educational and fun! :) She is going to be learning to talk a lot more this coming year and pointing to the things she sees...

but if it's a toy item you are looking for - I highly recommend a set of stacking/nesting blocks. The set I bought for Nora had 4 different them on each side... numbers, letters, nursery rhymes, and color patterns. Nora loved stacking them up tall as her and then nesting them. I did remove every other block when I first gave it to her so that she could better tell size difference b/c they were so gradual with so many... then when she was about 3 I added in all of them. ;) She's 5 now and still loves them.

Love from Texas! ~bonnie


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