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Jul 24, 2009

Eeeeeekkkkkkk - Dream Machine

I didn't do anything....... No, I didn't do anything but somehow my "Follower" sidebar thingy was removed. I am so upset about this. Ugly words, ugly words!!!!! If you are a "Follower" of my blog please bear with me as I try to find out what in the world happened.
This is my dream machine. The Janome - Memory Craft 11000. Remember Jerri and I bought ours May 2008. I haven't sewn on it yet because I've been too busy embroidering. My girlfriends pointed out that I should try sewing on it...."Bite your tongue," I said. But they got me to thinking that I really wasn't utilizing it so come next retreat, the Janome is the only machine I'm taking........maybe.
What I love about this machine is it has a knee lever so that I don't have to use my hands to raise the presser foot. The bobbin winder can be wound to more or less thread....I like to really load up my bobbing. The screen is very easy to see and the DVD that came with it has clear instructions. Several of my "wackhy" friends have Janomes which is an added bonus because we can share ideas and help one another.
I have to also mention that I have a PFAFF Creative 7570 sewing machine which as far as sewing goes is fantastic. I've owned it for 12years or so and have no complaints. As you, by now, have guessed, my sewing time is divided in to. While I'm piecing blocks on the PFAFF, I'm embroidiering on the Janome. I keep a log of the time I spend on both just to see how my time is spent. I post on my sidebar at the end of each month. Lately, it seems I've slowed down......oh dear.


Marsha said...

New sewing machines can really be inspiring. I have the Janome 6600p and love it but I think I would like to purchase a Janome 1600 just for free motion quilting. Love your machine....btw...you should try just sewing on it. ;)

Pat said...

WOW..if I'd gotten a nice machine like that, I'd never have let it sit for more than a year without trying it. What is WRONG with you, Girl?? LOL And....you are the second person I know who has lost her followers' list on her sidebar this week. (I am one of your followers, by the way......in case you had forgotten....hehehehe)

Marie said...

I sew on my Pfaff and emb. on my viking. Others have said the same to me but I do alot of things at the same time and enjoy it that way too.Hpe ou have a great weekend. Hugs, Marie

Quilter Kathy said...

We have one gal at retreat that brings 3 different machines and we always tease her! But each machine has a specialty so she "needs" them for her projects!
Enjoy your machines!

Nana said...

I have the Bernina 200 embroidery machine that is now 5 years old and even though I have sewn on it I mostly use it for the embroidery function. I do 99% of my sewing on my New Home (Janome) Memory Craft 8000 that is approximately 20years old. I bought a smaller Bernina machine (artista 220) to take to classes. It is lighter in weight and easier to take along. I say sew on what is most comfortable for you. Have a great day! Barbara

The Quilting Pirate said...

you haven't slowed down! You've taken time out for your grandbaby! :) Both machines are awsome!


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