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Jun 1, 2009

Embroidery Give-Away

You would not believe what I went through to get this "1" picture uploaded and onto my post......eeekkkkk doesn't even cover what I'm feeling or thinking at this moment.
Anyway, here are the June embroidery blocks to be given away by June 16th to one luck "Follower". These blocks mearsure approx. 10" and of course I haven't tried to trim them, you the winner will have some play room.
Please remember the rules......only "Followers" can participate and you must leave a comment on this particular post. I've had to move my "Follower" thingy towards the bottom of my blog.......Dionne said that there have been problems with it loading if it's in a top position. But anyone wanting to follow my blog can still sign up towards the bottom.
As I've mentioned...I'm having BLOG problems so please bear with me if I don't get to respond to you wonderful comments in a timely manner or at all. I am struggling to correct this problem.


Gene Black said...

I am following. Count me in.

Lady Hopwood said...

These are the prettiest design, I'm in :-)

Anonymous said...

Thought I was going to have to crawl into my monitor to get a better look. I'm in shock that those blocks are embroidered I thought for sure they were applique'd.

Lisa said...

Oh, these are gorgeous! (And so is the new grandbaby! Congrats!)

DabookLady said...

me too..I'm in

Tonya's Sewing Room said...

Those blocks are beautiful. I'm so glad Pat sent me over this way a couple weeks back.

G'G'ma said...

Oh, I love your latest pattern. Sorry you've been having frustrating problems lately. I had problems last night...but of my own making. Had a considerable amount of unsewing to do. Ugh!

lesthook said...

Oh! I missed this! Thanks for letting me know.


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