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Apr 23, 2009


Yes, Westerns! I grew up watching them. Daniel Boon, Chyenne, The Virginian, Bonanza, Meverick, Lawman...........the list goes on. But soon Westerns faded into the background. A few Western movies were made but most weren't very good. But I do want to recommend 3 which I could watch over and over and over. In fact I do....LOLThe first is Two Mules for Sister Sara. I love Clint Eastwood way back from when he starred in Rawhide.....remember that one. The second is Riders of the Purple Sage......love Ed Harris. This is a rather dark western sad in some places but great ending, no less. The third, I don't have a photo of "The Hallelujah Trail" starring several of my favorites........... Burt Lancaster-Lee Remick-Donald Pleasence-Martin Landau-Jim Hutton-Pamela Tiffin....I could go on............LOL.......The last is my all time favorite. What's yours? I really love to here from you!


Pat said...

Oh, my...will you still be my blogging quilter friend if I tell you I really don't watch any Westerns??? I did watch the TV shows that were Westerns when they were on....but not any Western movies. (Sorry about that!!!)

Lindah said...

Oh, yes, I was raised on westerns, too. From way back when we were little kids and *it was safe in those days* for us to walk down town to the Saturday matinee to see Roy Rogers/Gene Autry/Tim what's-his-name and later the older big time stuff with John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, Gary Cooper and then the more contemporary ones. But what has happened to the good old westerns? Are there just not any western directors/actors anymore? Are consumers too *whatever* for westerns these days? I feel like a dinosaur. ;|

Lynne in Hawaii said...

I agree with Two Mules for Sister Sara and Hallelujah Trail...love them. We also love John Wayne's Big Jake. We have all of John Wayne films that are out on DVD including his first as John Wayne called The Big Trail.

MOLLY said...

Youve been tagged--go to Molly's Place and follow suit! PLEASE

paula, the quilter said...

We just watched "Once Upon A Time in the West" with Claudia Cardinele, Charles Bronson, Henry Fonda and Jason Robards. Love this movie. And my very favorite is "Big Hand for the Little Lady" another Jason Robards and Henry Fonda movie this time with Joanne Woodward.


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