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Apr 12, 2009

Happy Easter

In April of 2007, the Saturday before Easter, a snow storm took our little community. I could hardly believe my eyes my house draped with snow. Snow in April at Easter in Texas...WOW! My mom's driveway and house. The oak tree in my front yard, all blanketed with snow. Incredible and glorious. This year, the Hackberry is in bloom with no snow to be seen but rain is in the forecast. My thoughts on the matter are simple. God is so awesome that He can paint our world with color and wondrous sights. He is so awesome that He gave His only Son, Jesus, to cleanse us of our sins with His blood and by His resurrection. We have the victory!


Marie said...

Easter Blessings, Thank you God for sending your Son, He died for us, He is risen and He Lives with in ME!!!!We are so lucky that we can share Him and tell the world. Blessings and hugs, Marie

Gene Black said...

A happy and glorious Easter to you, Rhonda. May the joy of Easter follow you all the year and fill your heart with love.

Pat said...

I love what you said here today, Rhonda. I have just come home from my annual VERY exhausting week of nearly non-stop music at church for the past several days.....and it does my heart good to see the true joy on the faces of folks on Easter morning. (I had a chance to see it 3 times just today alone as I was at 3 services involved with the music in some way or other...singing...playing bells...chimes). I, too, wish blessings upon you and your family at this holy time and throughout the year.

Lindah said...

Amen! Blessed Easter to you and yours, also.


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