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Apr 8, 2009

Giving Back & And The Winner Is............

Today I was invited to our Senior Citizens Center to present a presentation about "Hats." I used several sources to emphasize how and why women choose and wear their hats. Hat making is alive and well today. After the program, I took individual pictures and a group picture, printed them off as everyone enjoyed lunch, so that each lady could take them home. Hats are an important part of our culture and they always make the wearer feel more feminine.
Holly, Holly, Holly! Hooray for Holly! Holly to receive those lovely blocks email me our address and they will be on their way to you very soon.


lani said...

Rhonda great job wth the senior I just was posting a picture with my friend at the center and some other stuff.....I love what you do......Love Lani

holly said...

Oh wow. I won. I very rarely win. Thanks a bunch. I am sending you an email. HUGS Friend.

Marie said...

Rhonda, Your so sweet thanks for the kind words. Have a blessed Easter. Hugs, Marie

mjnauert said...

now these ladies are beautiful. I absolutely love the hats...and you know, they didn't pull them off of the top shelf and dust them off to wear them. These ladies wear them often. We need more gals like this in our world. Plus, I am jealous 'cause I never got to wear anything prettier than a 'Fargo' ear muff hat.

Great post, Rhonda.



I wish the ladies at my church would wear Hats! I just love them to death! Everyone looks absolutely gorgeous in their hats!
I don't live too far from:
He makes the coolest looking hats!

The Quilting Pirate said...

Congrats to Holly!

Rhonda, I would have love to hear your presentation on hats. I'm naive to this tradition and wonder why it hasn't continue as strongly as it could have. I would love to start wearing hats, but I'm too causal. I'm sure the group was touched and tickled by your generosity!


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