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Apr 13, 2009

Favorite Fabric Monday

Welcome and Happy Monday to all!

This great fabric is from Windham Fabrics - Presents Colonies Archives c. 1850 Pattern #26672

I bought this fabric a couple of years ago and have used it a lot. I'm down to about half a yard. As usual, the picture doesn't do it credit.


Pat said...

It reminds me of some of the Williamsburg prints that I saw a year or so back....very nice!

Gene Black said...

That is nice. I typically wouldn't buy that type fabric, but when I see someone else use it, I find it very attractive.

quiltingcindy said...

Oh I like that! You should tell us what you have done with the fabric, it will increase our drooling. ;o

Dionne said...

This is beautiful fabric. I LOVE how you buy fabric and then use it periodically until it's gone! I need to 'USE' more and 'STASH' less!

You'll be my inspiration.

laura west kong said...

That's a wonderful fabric! It's not my usual style or colors, but I can imagine alot of fun ways to use it. =(^_^)=

DiahRothman said...

Yes beautiful fabrics. Please show us your projects done with it...


I love that fabric! I use it often too! Your nickel quilt turned out gorgeous! I have a Michigan quilt UFO kinda like your texas quilt.
The next time I go to Hobby Lobby I will make sure I buy something to remember my wacky pack friend!
Hmmmmmmmmmm what to buy??


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