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Mar 30, 2009

FFM/Ayden/Quilt Show

Alrighty then.......this is as close as I could get before the picture completely distorted. This is one of my favorites because of the design and the shade of blue. Sturbridge Village Blues by Judie Rothermel inspired by The Old Sturbridge Village Collection for Marcus Brothers Textiles, Inc. Good grief, the name and all is very long but the fabric is worth it, totally. Two yards of pure gold, people!
Ayden came for a visit yesterday, so I'm showing off her stay.
Whew! Out like a light.
I'm sucking on my gums, boy, does that feel good!
More sucking going on here, Gogo and you're blinding me with that flash thingy!

Azalea Quilt Show/Tyler, Texas was held this past weekend. Five of the "wackies" graced it with our presence.........LOL.......Hear's a glimspe of what we saw.

The quilting on most of the quilts was outstanding!

Jerri, get out of the way........hehehehehehehehe


Pat said...

Ayden is SOOOO cute!!!

Gene Black said...

I agree with Pat. Ayden is adorable. I also have to say that I love that quilt with the birds in the tree. I clicked on it to see it larger. Do you remember if the tree was pieced or appliqued? (that would be some wicked piecing - but I have seen people do stuff like that.)

Marie said...

Ayden is realing growing and making you more proud all the time, love those visits too.I am stating my civil war quilt today sorted the fabrics yesterday. Have a grand week. Hugs, Marie


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