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Mar 16, 2009

Favorite Fabric Monday

No, don't try to refocus your computer screens. This FF (favorite fabric) was simply labeled Moda 1995. So I'm guessing it was bought way back then and it must have really been one of my favorites because I purchased 3 yards of it. Three yards is a standard for me which means I can't live without it. I've used the fabric in various small projects because...............I didn't want to use it up........hehehehehehehe.........I know, I know...........just let it go, cut into the fabric and make something...........give me the strength, people!


Marie said...

Hey there Girlfriend!Now that is a fabric I like--will go with so many differnt colors.Yeah cut it up and work it girl!!!!. Hugs, Marie PS thanks for the neat Posty Pal.

Pat said...

Okay...here is what I tell myself about these favorite fabrics that I find hard to cut. Cut it up and make something for YOU. That way, you can look at it and enjoy it more often than you can with it sitting in your stash pile (where...someday....it will go to someone else OR...heaven forbid...be discarded when you go to the great beyond). Hope that line of thinking helps you to USE the fabric, Rhonda!

The Calico Cat said...

I can so see that as a cat... (I have a stash of cat fur fabric & that would play nicely with the rest.)

Gene Black said...

That is such a nice fabric. And since Calico said it, all I can see is a cat body made of it..... It does look like it is furry and soft.

Brenda said...

Wonderful choice, have a grand time using it. Thanks for the great postcard. Have a great day!


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