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Jan 10, 2009

You're a Winner

First, I'd like to welcome the new "Followers" to my blog and to thank every "Follower" who participated in my first "Monthly Embroidery Give-Away".....Boy was that a mouth full....And now what you've all been waiting for.......drum roll, please.
And the winner is................HOLLY!
Funny story here.....I ran over to my neighbor's house and had him to draw a name from the "hat".........Of course he wanted to know what in the world I was doing. I tried to explain but he isn't into computers and certainly not blogging. So there I stood in the cold blowing wind, it's dark and I'm in the middle of a pasture surrounded by very large cows.....not funny and not a pretty picture, let me tell you.
What I wouldn't do for my blog supporters.......LOL.
So, congratulations Holly. E-mail me your address & I'll mail the package out by Monday.
Remember everyone, I'll be giving away an embroidery design that I've stitch out at the beginning of each month. Wait until you see what's for February. You need only to be a follower of my blog and leave a comment on the give away post. Easy as pie.


Lisa said...

Ah, well, there's always next month! :-)
Congrats to Holly!

lani said...

Hey is that my horse?????? Congrat Holly?...lani

Brenda said...

I got a great laugh picturing you standing among the cows asking the farmer in the overalls with a pitch fork and spitting chewing tobacco looking at you with a bewildered cockeyed expression....alright my imagination took over....but it was cute. Did you ask him to draw a name for you next month?

Julie said...

Congratulations Holly. Wow Rhonda, the lengths you will go to to ensure a fair, unbiased drawing. LOL. Nothing like a giveaway to increase your numbers of followers!

holly said...

Oh wow. I hardly ever win. i am so excited. My mom is going to love this. Now I have to figure out what I am going to make her with it.

Thanks Rhonda you are a Peach.

Tipper said...

Yay for Holly! And wow you went the extra mile-cows and freezing cold!


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