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Dec 4, 2008

Where To Begin

I have been very busy lately with family, cooking and such that I fell behind with posting important things. First, here are the wonderful postcards that I've received....Brenda sent me the "Boo" and the Christmas Tree with yellow beads with a star on top. Thanks Brenda. The turkey came from Vicki.....Gobble,Gobble! The colorful flowers came from Holly. I'm in a group of talented ladies. Make sure you pop in on their blogs and take a look. Lani, one of our Virtual Wannabees, sent the Wackies a big box of cookies.....yumm, yumm, yummy! Lani is a sweet lady. Make sure you pop over to her blog and see what she's up to.....BTW, Lani, I'll make sure the Wackies partake of the cookies.....;-} Lookie here now! These are all the goodies that I received from my miniature booty swap pal, Vickie. I had no idea who my secret pal was and was very happy to ogle all the wonderful things she sent me. We had a Christmas theme, so Vickie did a fireplace with stockings, presents, lights and angels. A kittie is warming by the fire as well. She also sent a yummy candy bar, 2 colorful FQs, a book entitled "The Top End - Australia's Northern Territory," and a pretty pin. WOW.....thank you so much Vickie!


Brenda said...

Love all the postcards you have received, glad you liked them. You received a lot of great gifts from Vicki. The fireplace scene is great. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day!

lani said...

Yummayyyyy glad you got the box of love...Now you better share with my other girls little lady...love U Lani

Julie said...

those postcards are darling!

tipper said...

Wow you got some neat and sweet goodies!!

Dionne said...

What a great haul, you lucky girl!

Vickie said...

Hi Rhonda,
so glad the package arrived in one piece, gee the fireplace got a tad wrinkled-I sure hope it irons up ok,
cheers Vickie


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