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Dec 28, 2008

What I Remember of 2008

2008 is almost over. For me, it was a very eventful year. If you're interested in reading what I remember, fix yourself a cup of your favorite hot drink or cold, grab a comfy seat and let's get started. Being the teacher that I was, I put my thoughts in order......LOL....if you really knew me, you'd be worried right about now. January - Presidential Primaries Begin; New york Giants defeat the New England Patriots 17 - 14 with Eli Manning as the winning quarterback. February - Fidel Castro resigns as President of Cuba and lines up is brother to take his place; John McCain dominates Super Tuesday; Gunman kills students & then himself at Northern Illinois University; WackyPac go on a cruise; The 80th Academy Awards - "No Country for Old Men" won best picture. (I did get to see this move when it came out on pay-for-view......I didn't like it. Too much blood, the bad guy was really, really mean and crazy and bad) March - The WackyPac came back from a wonderful cruise, safe and sound. April - Olympic Torch relay is protested in London & Paris; Danica Patrick wins the Indy Japan 300 race. She is the first female to win an IndyCar race. May - Edward Kennedy is diagnosed with a brain tumor; Polar bears have been placed on the Endangered Species list; Big Brown loses his chance for the Triple Crown coming in last at the Breeders' Cup Classic. "Curlin" won the race. June - Barack Obama secures the democratic Nomination; Severe flooding from storms caused already swollen lakes & rivers in Iowa, Indiana & Wisconsin to flood leaving thousands evacuated from their homes, many deaths and roads closings; Tim Russet, moderator of Meet the Press, dies at the age of 58; Tiger Woods won the US Open with a broken leg and is out for the rest of the year. July - Kay Ryan is named as the new Poet Laureate; Caylee Anthony, age 2, is reported missing. August - Barack Obama picks Joe Biden as his running mate; The Democratic National Convention opens in Denver, Colorado; John McCain picks Sarah Palin, governor of Alaska, as his running mate; The Summer Olympic Games open in Beijing, China; Michale Phelps wins 8 Gold Metals; New Orleans, Louisiana residents evacuate the city complying with their mayor, Ray Nagin's order as Hurricane Gustav moves in. September - Republican National Convention begins in Minneapolis, St Paul; Congress approves a Civil Rights Bill to broaden the definition of disability to include epilepsy, diabetes, cancer, multiple sclerosis and other illnesses; Hurricane Ike hits the shores of Galveston, Texas doing considerable damage; Dozens die in a commuter train crash in Chatsworth, California; Chinese Astronaut Zhai Zhigang makes his first outer space walk. October - WackyPac members make plans for their Opening Deer Season sew-in. November - Barack Obama is elected President of the United States; Congress rejects plea from automakers for a bailout; Ayden, my first grandbaby is born weighing in at 7.5 lbs & 21 inches long. December - Bernard Madoff, an investment manager, is arrested and charged with defrauding clients out of at least $50 billion; Adam Walsh's case was solved after 27 some odd years; Caylee Anthony's remains were found and positively identified; Eartha Kitt dies at age 81.


Brenda said...

I enjoyed making myself a cup of Carmel Truffle coffee, chasing Kevin away from the computer for a short while and especially reading the things that you remember ( you know me, I do not remember any of the events from the past year) and checking on you. Thanks for sharing, have a great day!

lani said...

Rhonda only Rhonda to remeber the facts Im going to go think about the ones we have lost ....Get more coffee and head on over...god bless love U Lani

Holee said...

Love your cube photo! You sure are organized to remember all those facts!

I only remember March when my idenity was stolen after I purchased a book from Amazon, along with a million other people :-(

I will remember Christmas Eve service this year, it was wonderful.

Marie said...

Hi Rhonda, I really love reading your posts, your a very interesting lady!Your cube is really neat!. I wish for you a blessed New Year. Hugs, Marie

Anne Marie said...

Wow, I am truly impressed!!! I swear my children steal my brain cells while I'm sleeping, I remember most of those events just not what month LOL! Happy New Year to you and your family and may you be graced with many blessings!


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