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Dec 12, 2008

The Post Office

I live in the country (back woods) right in the middle of 5 towns within a 20 to 40 mile radius. My mail comes to me via a wonderful lady riding around in a truck. So when I have to mail a package(s) I have to go into town to the post office. Lately, I've been sending loads of packages to my swap buddies and give-away friends. Since our post office is so small, the workers know me by facial recog at least or worse......by name. Usually they don't ask questions, only engage in polite conversation......"How's your day going?" "Boy, it's sure raining today." "Can you believe this wind." Things like that....... You're probably wondering about now.....what's she getting at? Goodness, she's long-winded. Just spit it out, already! LOL Well, when I wanted to mail packages to Malaysia, Australia, Canada, France and New York.......there were raise eyebrows, frowns, scratching of heads and the ultimate....call in the Post Mistress from her office out back. My most local post office has 3 workers plus the Post Mistress so this was a really big deal to them. My packages were weighed, stamped, questioned......"Is there anything breakable, liquid, flammable, perishable......the list went on and on and on. After answering all those questions, I had to fill out a few forms on return addresses and insurance for air mail, etc., etc., etc. At one point, I thought they'd call in the police with a metal detector or Home Land Security......Some of you will eventually get that one. Even though I had to drive into town, answer questions, fill out and sign paperwork, I wouldn't miss the fun of sending things to all the great people I've met via blogging.


Marie said...

I just love it Rhonda I go through the same thing here when I do overseas mailing.Hope nyou are doing well. Hugs, Marie

Brenda said...

You hit it right on the nose with this post. I almost feel like a criminal when I take in all my postcards to mail. But it is fun knowing you will be getting a smile from a friend after a few days or weeks overseas!

Dana said...

That's hilarious! I just have to ask....which post office do you use? Fairfield, Teague, Buffalo???Your story could fit any one of them!!! I love your blogs!!


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