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Nov 6, 2008

This Old Pot

This old pot......has served me well. I bought it back in the late 70's as one of my first wedding presents to myself. Mom said that I would need a large pot for cooking so I took her advice and purchased this one (lid not pictured). Through the years, I have cooked, boiled, fried, canned and even baked many foods in this pot. If you look closely, you will see the evidence of that by the dark ring around the inner middle of it. No amount of scrubbing would remove that ring so I came to appreciate it as a badge of honor for all the processes it had gone through. Today I'm cooking up a pot of "greens." This Texan loves a good pot of greens with bacon bits, a spoon of drippings, salt and pepper to taste and a hot pan of cornbread slathered with butter. Add to that a large glass of iced tea. My mouth is watering just thinking about the meal. You know, I do have some goose-neck squash that I could cook, as well.....hummmmm. I'll let you all know how it all turns out later. Have a great Thursday!


Anonymous said...

Ooh, I need a really big old pot like that!
The 'patina' is a good sign that the pot is well used and much loved :o)
I really must spend less time in the kitchen and get started on some quilting!

Paula said...

Oh yeah, that sounds like a meal in this house. Let's see, last night we had fresh purple hull peas, sweet potatoes, cabbage and cornbread. Yum!!

Jerri said...

Oh man that looks good. Where did you get the greens? From Annale? I have some in the freezer. I think I'll cook tomorrow. Also have purple hull peas. I'm hungry now!

belinda said...

hey....great pot....have you ever tried filling it up with water and pouring in a little bleach and letting it soak?

Marie said...

Hey Girlfriend, your cooking up one of my fasvorites and when you said cornbread with lots of butter I said oh yeah, wish I was closer. Have a great day. Blessings, Marie

Brenda said...

Looks Scrumptious! I would love to have a pot like that, hope I find one soon. Must make cornbread today.

Kathy said...

What character that pot has great character and oh those greens look scrumptious.

Julie said...

That looks great to me! I'm a Southern girl too and I love either turnip or collard greens with cornbread. I always like to have some mashed potatoes or a good sweet potato with it!

Kath said...

Cool pot! But alas, this "British, Yankee" doen't like the looks of the contents. I'm thinking that my Dad's family may have eaten them, but my British Mom never fixed them for us. Isn't that odd? I have grown to like corn bread though.

Love ya girl!


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