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Nov 15, 2008

Practice Makes........2

Still playing around and I've already seen a mistake. Can you see it from where you are? Really, talk to me. I need all the feedback I can get.


Anonymous said...

Looks really good.
I can't see the mistake ~ which is frustrating, as I love solving puzzles!
I do love symmetry though so I would add another row of blocks down one side so that all of the corners are the same colour/ for overall balance etc.
But I bet that's not mistake~ will you put me out of my misery and tell me what it is tomorrow? Please? :o)

Anonymous said...

I don't see the mistake either but I'm not very good at puzzles.

Dana said...

I'm certainly no quilter, but I love watching your site and reading about what you do. HOWEVER, I don't see ANYTHING wrong with this! Looks perfect to me!

MOLLY said...

I don't see anything wrong--are you trying to trick us?

Lindah said...

I give up! Looks good to me.

Jean said...

I am like everyone else, I don't see it...fess up, please!

Holly said...

I don't see it either. I am so jealous. I want EQ6.

paula, the quilter said...

I'll agree with adding another set of blocks so the corners are the same. I think that 5 full blocks across and 6 down would work a lot better.

mjnauert said...

Rhonda...I see the mistake. The mistake is that it is virtual instead of real. And the virtual one probably took longer to make. Ha, Ha! I think it is beautiful just as it is. (and I'm a libra, so I am used to things being balanced and symetrical.)


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