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Nov 11, 2008

A Mess of Greens?

Ever wonder where the term "A mess of greens" comes from or just how many bunches of greens is in a mess of greens. If you know, please leave me a comment because it's been bugging me for quite some time now......LOL.....My neighbor brought these over this morning so I had to rinse and rinse and rinse them. Fortunately, I have a deep sink which has a neat removable sprayer thngy in my garage. Within a couple of hours, the greens were cooking with some wonderful seasonings and smelling up the house. That gave me another thought.......Why not cook some of my Thanksgiving dinner now! Yes! So I got out the fixings for dressing and decided to try a recipe that uses squash along with all the other ingredients. At the end of the day I have 2 foods cooked and in the freezer so that I won't spend all day cooking for Thanksgiving. Yippie Skippy for me!
BTW....these are Turnip Greens. Sorry I left that off earlier.


Julie said...

Yummmy, I wish I had some of those cooked greens right now! Are they turnip greens?
I have always heard "mess" of greens too but don't know exactly how much that is.

quiltingcindy said...

My mother said a "mess of greens" was enough for a meal. I have no idea. You are smart to start cooking now, I have my two desserts ready and the cornbread made for the dresings.

The Calico Cat said...

For what it is worth:

Brenda said...

I do not know about your question. Great idea getting some of the cooking out of the way now!

MOLLY said...

A mess is a big bunch--that's what I think. Plenty for the whole family and sometimes that and big ole pan of cornbread was all we had and were proud to get it. I can smell them from here. Great eatin!

Nana said...

I've heard of 'greens' and I think my Mother used to make them when I was a child but I have never eaten any. What do they taste like. I love spinach, brocoli, asparagus, etc. I am not cooking Thanksgiving Dinner again this year. Last year we went to San Marcus and camped in our 5th wheel trailer. We had Thanksgiving Dinner at the Crackle Barrel and it was absolutely wonderful! So we are doing the same thing this year. My daughter, husband and my 2 grandsons are taking their 5th wheel and going with us again this year. You are very smart to get an early start.

tipper said...

Yum Yum!! Good eating! I've always thought a mess was enough for a meal.


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