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Oct 15, 2008

Postcard & Carrots

Oooooh lookie here now! Debb, one of my postcard buddies has sent me this great Halloween postcard. You did good Debb. Thank you so much. Just between you and me, I miss the fun of Halloween with the school kids....but don't let that get around........LOL.....Anyway, I love looking at all of the postcards that I've received so far. If anyone wants to try this, start up a group and join in the fun.
Okay, let me explain. The rabbits needed something......how about......CARROTS! I just love Steam-a-Seam. I am personally keep that product going.....LOL......Now is project is just in stage #1, meaning I haven't stitched any of it into place......I'll leave that from tomorrow.....I've got an idea for the filler blocks..........would anyone what to hazard a guess? It's going to be something really neat......cause my brain is working overtime, I'm blowing a fuse, the wheels are spinning at an amazing speed. ..............And pop over to The Quilt Journey for a great give-away. There's some fabric and books to be had.


MOLLY said...

How about embroidery-----------------------------sorry----i'm in pincushion mode. Gread looking ffffffffffffffffffff rrrrrabbits.
Phil will love them. How about a fence or some babies, or cabbages, or ----that's all I can think of.

Brenda said...

Great postcard! I am enchanted by your bunnies! The possabilities are endless for go between blocks, can not wait to see what you decide upon. Thanks for the link, your name will go in twice!

Marie said...

Hey there, love the rabbitts, what a neat quilt that will be. I think maybe a farmer , some carrots and heads of lettuce along the way would add some more color to it too. good luck. And girlfriend the post cards are the neatest! Good job. Blessings and hugs, Marie


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