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Oct 24, 2008

Many Thanks & A Promise To Keep

Thanks to all my blogger friends who have directed me toward finding "the book." I have that wonderful item in my hands very soon! Now to a promise to keep. Back in the summer I found out that Angie, my daughter-in-law, is having a baby....a girl baby, in November. And of course, she wanted me to make a quilt for the baby. At the time, she couldn't decide on colors but in late August, she had decided. The problem is...............ME. You know how we fellow quilters procrastinate. At least this one does. I've got the fabric, the design is in my head......so what's the problem.....getting started, of course. So I'm posting today and naming my goal to all my wonderful friends out there in bloggerland. This way, if I don't finish, everyone will know! The goal: Start quilt today and finish by next Friday, October 31st. You've heard it from the me.


Marie said...

You go girl, keep the word!! so glad your finding the book you wanted. Blessings and hugs, Marie

belinda said...

OK......just go in there and get started and before you know it you will be "into" it. Lots of times i just have to say to myself OUTLOUD...JUST DO IT!!! JUST GET UP AND GO DO IT!!.....there is a quote i always remember... "getting started is half the battle"...this SO TRUE isn't it!?

Andrea said...

We are all going to shout at you if you don't finish this - lol ! No really - have fun !

Nana said...

I have a new grandson due the first of March and I need to make a quilt for him. What is your quilt going to look like? Are you using a particular pattern? Thanks! Barbara

G'G'ma said...

I know you can do it. Sometimes I think the "walkin' around and thinkin' time takes the greatest amount of time. Especilly when I start with no idea...just, I'm going to make a quilt.

You've made your start so now sew sew sew!! Will be fun to see your results.

If you have any time for blogging stop over. I've got a drawing for my 100th post. Can't believe 100!!

Gina said...

Go Rhonda, Go Rhonda.

Sorry we don't really go in for cheerleading in Wales. I'm rooting for you though, you can do it.

Love and hugs Ginaxxx

mjnauert said...

You can do this in your sleep! A drop in the bucket. Like snaping your fingers in the air 3 times in a Z-formation. Easy as Cake and Pie. If you cry call me.

Kath said...

Hey there! Glad you found that book! Could you bring it to retreat this weekend? I would love to take a look at it.

I know will have that quilt done before Friday - I just know it! But if you do be sure to bring it to retreat!

Love ya - Kath


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