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Sep 28, 2008

Quilt Labels

I have been lax in making labels for my quilts. I just don't do much labeling and I know I'll live to regret it. So I've challenged myself to make a label for each quilt top that I finish, so that when it is quilted all I have to do is place me "already made" label on the back. I'm also challenging all of my blogger friends to make labels. I found this book in my collection and wanted to share it with you. "Foundation-Pieced Quilt Labels" is the title; by: Linda Causee; published by American School of Needlework #4196 I know some of you have never paper pieced and it might seem intimidating but the designs in this book are ease and inspiring. If you have other methods of labeling your quilts, please share them with us by leaving your kind words and comments, linking to your blog and sharing pictures of books and labels with us. I find that when I say something out loud, I'm more apt to follow through with it. So, I'm saying to all my blogging friends that tomorrow, September 29, 2008, I will make 2 labels and post pics tomorrow night! I can do this, I can do this, I can do this!


Solstitches said...

That looks like a good book with lots of ideas. I've done a small amount of paper piecing and love how accurate it is.
The Pat Sloan blog has had a label making weekend.

Heidi said...

Making labels is so important for history, yet I'm so happy when a quilt is done, the label seems to be made as an afterthought - not good ofcourse! You've given me food for thought and I have heard your call!


The Quilting Pirate said...

ooo what a neat book! I might have to get it!

I just print mine from the printer and hand sew them on. The ones I do for miniature quilts, I actually use my pigma markers. I don't enjoy doing labels either, but I do try to do them. Great way to motivate yourself!

jillquilts said...

I ma very lax in label making, too! I think that I need to find this book and then I will be more apt to put the finishing touch on my quilts!


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