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Sep 3, 2008


I need help in the worse possible way! Below are several Disappearing 9-patch designs. Please help me decide which design to sew together. Vote for #1 Vote for #2 Vote for #3 Vote for #4 Vote for #5
The 9-patch is a wonderful block in itself. But when you cut it into quarters, it's amazing what new designs you can get. My "wacky" friend, Molly has a tutorial on her blog if you'd like to see how it's done.
I decided to post the count as everyone votes for their favorite: Update.... Quilt#1 = 11;..Quilt#2 = 0;..Quilt#3 = 1;..Quilt#4 = 5;..Quilt#5 = 13 This is so exciting......keep helping me to decide. I'll be making the outcome of this post sometime next week. I want to thank all my blogger friends, in advance, for all of your suggestions, encouragement, and for making me laugh. I decided to thank you guys on my blog because some of you have the no-reply comment thingy and I like to respond to all comments when I can.
Yet another Janome 11000 design stitched out. This one is of Chief Sitting Bull. It took me an hour and 20mins.to stitch it out due to several thread breakings and thread changes. Oh, and I might have been staring at the needle and movement of the frame as it stitched out the pattern. It still amazes me how this is possible. If you have a machine that embroiders and you haven't been using that particular aspect of it, I challenge you to get out there and get started. Don't be afraid of making mistakes. Just do it.....I promise, you won't be sorry.


The Calico Cat said...

My gut reaction is 4

definately not 3 or 2

4 then 1 would be my second & third choice.

Although random might be worth investigating...

Carol in Sweden said...

I REALLY like 4
5 is my next choice

number 2 reminds me of sideways komonos ...couldn't get that out of my head when I looked at it

1 would be my third choice

And I really think the ninepatch cut up is cool...maybe I'll try it soon!

Holly said...

I like 1 and 5.

Your postcard is on its way.

Debbie said...

Number 1 is a traditional setting and I like that... if you want a more non-traditional look... then i would go with Number 5 - good luck

Paula said...

I like #1, but #4 is my favorite!

Brenda said...

# 5 is my favorite. Your new design is beautiful! Great thing to encourage others to give it a try. I am also going to stop by the tutorial and check it out. You go girl!

G'G'ma said...

I vote for #5 and then next #1. I've just made 1 baby quilt using that 9-patch and am anxious to try another. Waiting to see what pattern you decide to use!

G'G'ma said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Quilting Pirate said...

I like #5 (seems to be a favorite choice!)

Gina said...

I love number 5

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Heidi said...

My first reaction is number 4. I do like number 1 too, but prefer the quirkyness of number 4.
A fun block!

Melissa said...

I am feeling #1, and I don't have a really good reason why. I just kept staring at them all and I am very drawn to #1. Which ever one you pick will look fabulous. I love your color choices. Have fun~!

Nana said...

Number 5 !
I have been wanting to try out this particular 9 patch block for a baby quilt.

swooze said...

I like 4 and 1.

Lynne in Hawaii said...

I'll weigh in on #5. I love the randomness of the look (which is one of the great things with disappearing 9 patch) but like the secondary pattern too. #4 is my second choice.

John said...

My vote's for #1 ... I tend to like the clean lines and classic layout. Good luck! Can't wait to see the final decision.

Jerri said...

I like #1 and #5

laura west kong said...

I like #4 the best.


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