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Sep 24, 2008

Found Treasures from Junk

Yesterday I was helping my mom clean out my brother's room. She hadn't really gone through it thoroughly since his death nearly 20 years ago. Oh, she'd given away the clothing and lots of personal things but mom hadn't really cleaned it out, as she puts it. Only added more stuff in there as the years have passed by. Anyway, at 9AM I weighed in and started clearing.....Mom sat in a chair, out of the way and went through things that I handed her.....LOL....I should have taken a picture of that. I was moving at supersonic speed as she was barely moving. After awhile of this, I realized that I was going to have to aid her in the sorting department. I knew what to do cause I've been watching all those DYI and HGTV shows.....It was quickly obvious that mom hadn't shredded anything with her name on it in YEARS!!!!!!! I went home, got my shredder so that both of us could get it all knocked out while I was retrieving more stuff from my brother's room. I tell you, I was a tornado, vacuum in one hand....shredder in the other....Once the shredding was done, mom came across old pictures and I must admit, I stopped cleaning and sorting, took a much needed break and looked through the pictures with her. The above picture is of my granddad.....Edwin E. as he posed by the well outside the house that I now live in....He as a character and this pic. is something that I will cherish always. The well that granddad is standing by no longer had the rope and pulley but it still works after all these years. I had to place a cement cover over it a few years ago because the calves were always trying to get to the water and I didn't relish one of them falling way down there........don't ask. Next, I found this skeleton key and was so thrilled. I collect old keys and this one fits several doors at my house......if you haven't guessed, I live is a house that was built in the late 1940s and I have done very little to change anything other than wiring and plumbing. These last 2 pics are of an old lock that my great-grandpa had. Who knows what he used it for but I love it because it was something he touched. The thing is heavier than it looks, I tell you and the hidden area where the key fits is really neat.......Well, thanks for allowing me to share a bit of my family with you. Come back and visit any time and you are always welcome to leave a kind word or two.......And one more thing............somebody send me some energy cause I've use just about all of mine!


Paula said...

You got some definite treasures there. Spending time with your mom going through old memories is something you'll have with you forever. You're making memories as you find them!!!

swooze said...

How nice. Thanks for sharing the photos. Is the room cleared now? Did you take before and after pics?

StitchinByTheLake said...

What a wonderful thing to live in your grandparents house! Oh the memories.... blessings, marlene

laura west kong said...

That is really special. Thanks for sharing!

Kathy said...

Oh Wow! How neat to find that key and the fact it fits locks in your house!

Girl, you better get rested, we have a 'roat trip' on Friday.

Brenda said...

How wonderful that you shared your treasures with us. It is great to discover items used by other family members. My dad stopped by today and was telling me about my grandpa who owned a gravel pit and I was so thrilled I actually could picture the old dump truck and tractor he used. A rare moment for me. Dad said he would see if he had some pictures. Thanks again.

The Quilting Pirate said...

what awsome treasures!!! I love reading stories about your family, I love the memories you share!

Kathy Wagner said...

Thanks for sharing your memories in this post...I enjoyed reading them. Love the old keys!

tipper said...

I love love old things of any kind-but especially ones like you discovered in your brothers room. Such a great post!


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