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Aug 7, 2008

Fruit and Wine Anyone?

Added another block.
Well I was playing with some new designs from EMBL that I purchased the other day. Of course, it took by all day to stitch them out. Basically it was because I couldn't make up my mind about the thread choices.....I know, I know.....the Janome gives you the choices......duh! But I didn't want to follow them all the time, thus the all day thingy. I started the project with 3 designs and some wonderful fabric from Benartex Inc. It's 100% Cotton Screen Prints fabric and I love the graduating shades of it. I tried to make sure that part of each fruit rested half and half.....alittle on the light portion and alittle on the darker side. I'm not sure how I want to set the blocks together. Maybe all my blogger friends can give me some suggestions. I'd love to hear from you. Please leave a "Kind Word" and I will definitely consider each response.
Today was also a very special day for me and a wacky friend of mine, Kathy. We received letters announcing that our blocks have been chosen as part of the "Toast a Rising Star" contest which celebrates the numerous wineries and wines in our great state. A quilt is being made and will be revealed at the State Fair in Dallas, TX in September. We have been invited to the viewing. I am so happy and honored to even be considered. If you're in town, stop by the State Fair and take a gander at the quilt.


Heidi said...

Hi Rhondee!
Those fruits are lovely - it's just amazing what you can do with that machine! You've come a long way, baby!
I've looked at those blocks of yours, and hmm, there are so many options: bordering them with a fabric in a soft shade in the same hue as the fruit and have them as a triptych? There are fabrics that fade, perhaps you can use that? A table cloth ( or table runner) - with perhaps a few more fruit patterns?
Not an easy assignment you gave us..LOL!
Let me know what you decide!

Oh, and congratulations on the inclusion of your blocks as part of the "Toast a Rising Star" How wonderful, well done! I live a bit far to view it live, but send me a picture, ok?


Brenda said...

I received my postcard today; I just love it. I have to show it to my friend who has the embroidery machine...she is going to want to explore even further. Thank you so much!

Your fruit blocks are beautiful. My thought is to embroidery small fruits onto sashing and that way each block is seperate but held together as a whole. Let me know what you decide...it will be gorgeous no matter what you choose.

Congratulations on the honor of being selected ot represent your state as part of the "Toast a Rising Star". It is a magnificent piece of art you created. Great Job...you go girl!

Sandra Ree said...

Hi Rhondee, I love your blog! And congratulations on your blocks being chosen as part of the "Toast a Rising Star" contest! Wow!

Thank you for visiting my blog! :)

Juliann said...

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Candace said...

Congratulations on having your blocks chosen for the quilt project for the fair.
It reminded me of a list you may want to join, as they are giving a state flower a week to make a quilt. You get the designs on one list:
And the chat is here:
The designs are beautiful.


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