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Aug 27, 2008

Am I?

"Am I my mother and grandmother?" I asked myself just recently. I hope not but there is some evidence to prove me wrong. Although we were all teachers and mom and I both taught the same subject, science. This did not alarm me. It is our temperament and mannerisms that are so much alike. We say some of the same things as if speaking to a child.....scary. We are sometimes impatient and short when things heat up....frightening. When I get up in the mornings, I find myself clearing my throat the exact same way as she does and grandma did....... this is freaky! Mom and I even sound alike on the phone, so I've been told. And we all expected and expect results quick, fast and in a hurry.....Oh my gosh....I think I'm becoming my mother and grandma....eeeeeek! This is not good. I'm myself, I keep reminding me of that. Am I going crazy? Don't answer that, I say to myself. I am me, I am me, I am me....don't you agree! Don't let my calm exterior fool you. I'm worried, really! How hear me out, my mother is a wonderful person and grandma was the best grandma in the world. They both raised me to be an independent woman and self-sufficient, which I am. So why am I complaining? I really don't know the answer to that. I guess I'm having a panic attack or a middle-age crisis or something. So maybe disregard this post..........I'm just babbling away here.......LOL


paula, the quilter said...

I am like my mother. Unfortunately my bodyshape is just like my mom's -- round.

The Quilting Pirate said...

what strong and great role models you had to emulate! I bet though there are things in your not found in grandma and mom....maybe a hobby or interest, favorite color or flower?

Carol in Sweden said...

What great women you are following...and I think most of us are heading down that same path...we are slowly becoming more and more like our parents! My fear is that I"m more like my Dad than my Mom! AGH! He drives me crazy sometimes...will I be driving my daughter crazy in the future!? YIPES!

Brenda said...

What beautiful women you all are! I think that many of the things our mothers and grandmas do and we do are small ways to keep us all together everyday, it is just a way of connecting. Yet we are all different in various ways.

MOLLY said...

I think we are at a time in our lives where we begin to see more and more traits of our parents. We all say when we are young,"I will never be like my mother". We all eat those words. My sister called me one day and screamed into the phone,"Guess what I found up my sleeve today ----Mother's arm". My mother has always had that dangly flab on the back of her arm. Anyway my friend, you are our Rhonda and it doesn't matter where you get your traits, we love you and wouldn't change you for the world. M I wonder if your mom was as much fun when she was younger as you are?

Heidi said...

You are you, but you are the result of your mother and grandmother. I am always fascinated by the little traits and habits that are built in to us and that we carry with us from generations past. They are in our minds, but deep with our bodies, echos and reminders of the past. I think it's a wonderful thing and enjoy telling my daughter about her little traits and habits and where they may come from. She enjoys it and revels in them. It's a great way to connect!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading your blog!
Who can escape becoming like their Mom? I sure didn't. The older I get the scarrier it is, so I can relate. But she is a very cool lady, as I am sure your Mom and Gramma are too. Here is to hoping we only get their good traits!

Jerri said...

Maybe we always said or thought that we didn't want to be like our Mother but you know what, at this time in my life, I am very happy to have even a few of my Mother's traits. I lost my Mother 20 years ago and still I miss her. Rhonda, I think you need to get out with your Wacky Pak friends. From your WP sister, Jerri


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