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Jul 3, 2008

Latest Small Challenge

22 1/2" X 22 1/2" with no borders Okay.......Paula.....this is my latest small quilt. The embroidery blocks are called Barceloa Lace. I had been experimenting with this design a week or so ago at Molly's, so I already had 3 made, only had to add to them but the between fabrics I really had to hunt for. I only had a couple of squares and had to dig in my stash for the rest....It took be longer to find the fabric than it did to stitch out the rest of the lace blocks......go figure. Please disregard the polka-dot fabric in the background....I couldn't get to my design board so that fabric had to do. So now I'm stopping or I won't get anything done for the 4th.......I have company coming so I need to finish cleaning.......Wouldn't you know it but I just can't sew and clean at the same time......LOL
On a completely different note..........Tag, I'm It......thanks to Nichole.....I'm to tell you about 5 unspectacular quirks about me.....LOL........1) I keep everything, thus the cluttered house........2) When I ride or drive with someone, it is difficult for me to talk......we had to be quiet in the car when I was small.......3) I constantly talk to myself, a peep talk if you will and no, I'm not crazy, yet because so far I haven't answered yet............4) I love making quilt tops, nothing more, I love looking at them, counting them and making more........5) I'm now an obsessive blogger, I check my blog several times a day and I absolutely love to post, just ask all my friends.......Ok......enough about me......I'm going to TAG the next persons who read this post........SO............T....A....G.....You're it!
Yvonne got caught in the tag. Read her comment and visit her blog.


Yvonne said...

oops. Maybe that's me, huh? Thanks for wandering over to my blog--I thought I'd return the favor and check out yours (lovely quilts, btw) and now I've been tagged? I feel like a deer in the headlights..Okay, 5 things: 1. I'm enjoying the perks from having an empty nest, like quilting ALL DAY LONG! 2. But I love my kiddos too, they've grown into really nice people, I don't know how that happened! LOL and...3. I'm gonna be a GRANDMA in 112 days. WHOOOHOOOO!!!! 4. I talk to my cat. Personally, I think she is actually an alien disguised as a cat... 5. I won a bicycle in a coloring contest from J.P. Patches (a local Pacific NW tv personality) when I was 10 years old. My claim to fame. ;-)

Brenda said...

Rhonda, your small quilt is fabulous. I really enjoy your blog and you are not alone; I talk to myself all of the time (only sometimes I answer myself....shhhh don't tell anyone) but I am not crazy/maybe once in awhile. Have a great day.

Heidi said...

Love it! I thought the polka-dots were part of the design and really like how they look! The lace design is beautiful! As for talking to yourself - I do it too and like Brenda, answer myself..lol!! Have a wonderful 4th!

Paula said...

Oooh! I just saw this small quilt! Very cute. I love that embroidery design. Great job.


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