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Jul 18, 2008

Aaaarrrrrhhhhh....Never Mind.....Hooray!

For several days I've been.....how shall I put this.....depressed, in a blue fog, my mojo went missing, I was really down, about to pull my hair out at the roots......why you ask???????? My wonderful new sewing machine was not communicating with my wonderful new "Vista" computer......very long story which I will not get into...........Aaaaarrrrrrrrhhhh, growl, gritting of teeth, bumping head against a semi-hard object!!!!!!
Enter two very wise and wonderful "Wacky" friends....Molly and Annie....we met up at Molly's place around 9ish and deciphered, scratched our heads, crossed our fingers and our eyes, read the instructions again and again and again.....applied the "dongle" and........... by 2ish.....Voila.......I'm back in business......Thanks to my wacky friends.....It was time for a reward.......ice cream anyone???????
When I got home, I tested my new designs on the Janome and everything ran smoothly.....so I decided to open my e-mail and what did I find but this wonderful surprise......It's the "Brillante Weblog"....Yippie Skippy.....Debbie awarded it to me. She's has told me that my blog is filled with interesting info about quilts, blocks, demos, music, links and wild stories about my life.....I am so happy and honored......Thank you Debbie! This calls for another ice cream treat.

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Brenda said...

You chose brilliant photos to enhance your blog. Glad that you got the machine up and running. You go girl...you definetly deserve the honor. Congrats!


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