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Jun 26, 2008

Wacky Embroidery Club

The WackyPac decided to start an embroidery/EQ5-6 Club to help one another and utilize all this wonderful techonology. This was our first meeting which was great fun with lots of laughter. Most of us were there the whole day, which was a good thing. Check back each month for more fun and please feel free to leave your "kind words." I enjoy reading your comments.
Kathy seems to be concentrating on something important.....some decision about the next round on her project.........we can only wonder.
Patty is our computer lady and gadget girl.....she really livens up the party. Now she'd in the middle of an EQ6 session.
I am working on an embroidery design.....trying my hand at enlarging it......wish me luck.
Molly is buzzing along with a cowboy design. That stabilizer is really working well.
Jerri and Kath say, "Whew! This embroidery stuff is exhausting.......we're taking a break."
KathyE is trying to keep us all motivated......I don't think she has control of the situation at all.
Annie has been working so hard and is quietly having a snack hoping KE doesn't see her.


Heidi said...

busy bees you all are! it looked like you had a lot of fun and eager to see what comes out of it!


The Quilting Pirate said...

OOO embroidery club!! I host one at my LQS (in fact last night). Can I pick your brain for ideas? What do you enjoy the most from the club? What is your normal meeting entail?

Looks like you all have lots of fun!!

Anonymous said...

What a nice group you are in! So nice to share a passion with those who do the same.

Valerie said...

This is so cute! I wish I had a group of ladies I could meet with. I love your blog.


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