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Jun 20, 2008

This Ain't It

I know, I know. Ain't isn't a word but it's usage fit this blog. I'm sewing on my next patriotic block in a tiny space of my own making....but I'm not using my new machine which I have named "JanoHer"....catchy, uh. The machine you see in the background isn't the Jamome, either. It's my Singer which I couldn't part with. Have I become the woman with too many sewing machines, I wonder? Molly and I are off to an embroidery day in Tyler tomorrow, just to check out things and maybe do alittle shopping. Will let you know how that turned out. (Note: I'm wearing one of my swing suit cover-ups from the cruise...just thought I'd mention that.....LOL)


Brenda said...

Rhonda, I really do not think we can have too many sewing machine; I have two my mothers Singer from the 1950's and my fathers PFAFF (he quilted for years, but his eyes are getting really bad) which I mainly use for applique and fancy stitches. I know I will never part with either of them.

Brenda http://thequiltjourney.blogspot.com/

Heidi said...

As far as having too many machines is concerned, all I can say is that you can only work with one at a time.
I only have one machine. and it does all it needs to. The only other is an antique Singer, black & gold that needs to turned by hand.

I used to have a Singer, one that went to college, moved to different countries, but it was de-commissioned very quickly and without ceremony when I received my new Pfaff. Can you tell I don't get attached to machines? LOL! If you enjoy yours, enjoy them!

Have a good, fun Embroidery day!
Can't wait to see what you bring back!


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