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Jun 6, 2008

It's Here!

My package arrived today.......Notice the windblown hair.....I ran out to the mailbox and zipped back to the house...I was so excited.
My girlfriend, Maree and I are exchanging fabrics from your countries (12X12 inch pieces),,,....We were so excited to do this, just like two little school girls planning a sleepover. Above are the pictures of me getting her package and showing the wonderful things off. Note the pretty fabrics. I think some of them are sort of Retro but may not......Love Them!!! Look at the pouch that Maree stitched my name on....(love it) The girl has talent for sure. Then there's the Homespun Quilting Magazine from Australia, (I love these mags because they have soooo much interesting stuff to do and read) "Our Garden" pattern from Country Cottage Collection, a "box" of buttons (which "wacky" has been talking to Maree about my box fetish????); and lots more. We can't wait for the next exchange....so stay tuned everyone!


Anonymous said...

Hi Rhonda, I'm pleased that they arrived at the same time! I'm glad that you love everything in there. I swear - I didn't know about the box fetish!! But now that I do.... I'll know to keep an eye out!! What's the song you've got playing on here now?? Is it Brooks and Dunn... my husband LOVES it! He's a big B & D fan... he's impressed! Take care, we're heading out for the day... better run!! Maree.

Lynne in Hawaii said...

Wow...such terrific eye candy. You explained the windblown hair but where or where is that ear to ear grin? I would have definitely had a happy/dopey look on my face! I know...you couldn't get someone to take the picture while you opened the package. It was there but we just didn't get it recorded. Thanks for sharing.

Kathy said...

Rhonda, what a fun package you received! Yea for you. And nope, I didn't tell her about your box fetish, but now the cat is out of the bag!!!!!

Candace said...

Lots of neat stuff. What is more fun than getting a package. I do a lot of mail order shopping, and the little boy next door observed to his mother a few years ago that I get lots of 'deliveries'.

Brenda said...

I am visiting your blog from Threadbender (who tagged us). I found your hair to be just fabulous (it matches mine today almost perfectly-I call mine the weed whacker look). All of your gifts were wonderful and I could feel the excitement from your words...very nice. So, I will come back and visit more often. Hope to have you stop by and visit my blog sometime.

Brenda http://thequiltjourney.blogspot.com/


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