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Jun 27, 2008

3 Free Totes

Try saying that 10 times...........The picture showing the totes are up for grabs. Don't even think about the dotted fabric in the background....LOL....It's just a backdrop.....and the FQ on top is just a way for you to gauge the size of the totes......I've been cleaning my sewing studio.....AGAIN.....and these became emptied out but I can't bring myself to trash them...... So the 13th poster will be the luck person receive them.......or the the last one to leave a comment by the time I post again..........I post alot, usually. Lots to say or babber about.
Note:If you have not edited your "comment" button in your "settings" to reply e-mail, and you're lucky #13 or by my next post, I won't be able to notify you. The "no reply" thingy that pops up in ones e-mail makes it tough for one to thank blog visitors. I'm always thankful for your visits, comments and friendship.....Sorry, I was babbling, again.


mjnauert said...

Rhonda, when you are done cleaning, you can tell me how you did it and come help me with mine! BTW, you have a non-quilting gift coming to you in the mail. Love, Monica

Brenda said...

Today turned into an all day bake day ( I love to bake ) and I had to bust out laughing when I emptied a jar of yeast and just knew I had to save it to store something in this from my sewing room and decided empty bobbins would work wonderful in it. I think quite a few of us could always use something new to store sewing supplies in so what a wonderful idea to pass them on.


Debbie said...

I would love a new tote!

Niki said...

Thank you for joining Just Us Quilters. I ask that you kindly give me a link back by copying and pasting the html given on my blog. Thank you, once again. Niki

Myra said...

Just thought I would let you know I enjoyed my visit to your blog! You sound like a fun person to be around...
Some nice works on your blog!
Happy stitchings!

Debbie said...

I LOVE your original patterns... that won on the Fons and Porter site..... ^debbie^

MOLLY said...

I want the fat quarters!!! Just Kidding--just trying to fill your comment spots and get to number 13. BTW--why #13--is that your lucky number or to prove a point? I don't need totes, so if I am #13-give them to #12 or 14. Love ya!


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