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Apr 19, 2008

Seeing Is Not Believing

While doing more house cleaning, I ran across this pic. You might think that in my younger days I was an astronaut. You know, one that travels about the universe in search of aliens. Although I was an avid watcher of "Lost in Space"......Danger, danger Will Robinson.......and "Star Trek"...Beam me up, Scotty!" Finally, I get to say that without someone looking at me and wondering what the heck I'm talking about or thinking....."peculiar girl". Anyway, put that out of your minds.......I was sent to Huntsville, Alabama along with several other teachers and "90" students to attend their wonderful space academy. We were there 7 long days but I learned alot about space, fuels, weightlessness, gels that absorb (you had to be there), technology and communication, etc., etc., etc. I couldn't wait to get back to TEXAS and share my newfound knowledge with the other students and teachers. If you are into science stuff, you've got to visit: www.looseinthelab.com and stevenspanglerscience.com

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Carole said...

What a wonderful experience for you! We went to NASA Florida a couple of years ago and had "lunch with an Astronaut" - it was amazing and the food was great! Our DD loved it too!


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