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Apr 23, 2008

Fabric Swap

HELP! Hey all you wonderful bloggers out there in bloggerland, a new friend and I need some suggestions on how to set up a fabric swap. Neither one of us has done this before but we are excited to try it out. So help with your suggestions and if you'd like to participate let us know in the comments you leave. It may take a little while to work things out but, I think it will be fun. Oh, yea. The pic of fabrics was just to catch your attention. It does, in no way, reflect the types, colors or blands that may be swapped.


Carole said...

I used to have a sheet with rules from my newsgroup days. Hum.... I deleted it! You do want to make the rules very clear, re: pre-wash or not, quality etc.. Good luck with your swap!

The Calico Cat said...

In addition the the above listed ideas...
I have to repeat be specific. If you only want quilt show quality, say so. If you only want "Moda" brand, say so. No smoking, no pets, no fabric softener/dryer sheets (I was in a swap & the gal had snippets of fabric sheets separating each charm. The scent just about killed me!) If you want to swap charms, be specific about trimming selvedges first, use rotary cutter instead of scissors - the kind of things that you think are obvious. If you do color based swaps, will you accept solids? (tricky - you can't tell the brand & many can be poly blend - most swaps say no solids.)

If you are doing an I Spy swap, you may want to specify one image from each print... Some prints have frogs dancing, swimming & playing golf - you don't necessarily want to get each one as a swap. And you may be sensitive about scale... If 1/2 of the base ball will be cut off in that charm, that may not be the best fabric choice... (I swapped cats before, & You'd be amazed how may people did not want missing tails or toes.)

POSTAGE: demand the stamps/cash/some other goodie be included - not meterd strips (They are only good for the day that they are issued)if you include international swappers, they will generally need to give you extra charms, fat quarters, other tokens of value, for the postage that you will have to buy... I hosted a swap & several people "forgot" to include the postage...

Too much information, huh?


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