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Mar 9, 2008


This quilt was made by my late Auntie who left it to me, plus several others. The fabrics are from the forties and fifties I think but I don't know the name of the pattern she used. Can you all out there in bloggerland help me. Name that pattern or lead me in the right direction, please. By the way.........if you're wondering what I D K stands for....it's I don't know from the text messenging thingy..........teenage stuff!
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swooze said...

That quilt is gorgeous. I don't think I have ever seen one like it before. I hope someone can ID it for you.

The Carolina Quilter said...

Hey, Rhonda! Thank you for commenting on my blog--did you know that when you go to your profile, this blog is not listed, only your church blog? Just thought I'd let you know. We are Methodists as well! I sang Via Dolorosa yesterday in church as a solo during offertory. Sandi Patty I'm not but people were complementary. I am afraid I don't know what pattern this quilt is but what a treasure! I have one quilt that was in the family but we don't know who made it or when. And a cruise?! Man, I'd love to go on one of those--although I just had skin cancer surgery right beside my eye before Christmas with a skin graft and another spot on my chest so this fair-skinned 'used-to-be-natural-blonde' has to be extra careful about the sun nowadays. I am home today excavating the mess in our basement which looks as if we have stood at the top of the stairs and thrown anything we weren't using down! It started as my quilting and crafting studio (before I got the job at the quilt shop)and now is an accumulation of junk so I am loading boxes for recycling, trash, laundry, and giveaway. Wish me luck--if I fall into this clutter, my family may never find me again!

Rian said...

I just had to visit the blog of a woman who wears a tiara.

Anonymous said...

Waow your aunt is a marvellous quilter, this quilt is awesome !

mjnauert said...

Rhonda, I looked in my book "5,500 Quilt Block Designs" by Maggie Malone and this is what it shows: (page 316, block number 4125) that it is known by 5 different names...1) 'Crown of Thorns' from Carrie Hall 2)'New York Beauty' by Mountain Mist 3)'Rocky Mountain' by Prudence Penny 4)'Rocky Mountain Road from Carrie Hall 5) and believe it or not 'Split Rail'
I also consulted Barbara Brackmans book: "Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns" and it agreed. The only variance used is the interesting windmill design as the cornerstone in the sawtooth sashing. Very beautiful!


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